Thinking About Wood Floor Refinishing? Get Answers To Questions You May Have About Wood Floor Refinishing

Posted on: 14 March 2023

If your wood floors have lost their luster and shine, and are showing signs of wear, you may be considering wood floor refinishing. Wood floor refinishing involves removing any waxes or sealants, lightly sanding down the wood, and then recoating the floor. This helps to remove signs of wear and minor imperfections while bringing the shine back to your wood floor. If you have never had your floor refinished before, you may have a few questions about wood floor refinishing. Here are a few of those questions along with the answers. 

Can All Wood Floors Be Refinished? 

Not every wood floor can be refinished. However, most wood floors can be. The biggest factor that needs to be considered when determining if your wood floors can be refinished is how thick the wood planks are. Wood refinishing involves sanding down your planks to reveal a new layer of wood. If your floors are thin or have been refinished many times in the past, they may not have enough depth to be refinished. A wood floor contractor can let you know if your floors are a candidate for this process.

Do You Have to Refinish All Your Wood Floors at Once? 

When wood floors are being refinished, all of the furniture needs to be moved from the space and the floors cannot be walked on. As such, you may wonder if your wood flooring all needs to be refinished at once, or if you can do it space by space. Refinishing your floors at one time helps to ensure the flooring remains consistent. It can all be sanded down stained and sealed with the same product and in the same light, ensuring consistency. As such, you should always try to refinish your floors at one time, rather than room by room. 

Does Refinishing Wood Floors Create a Lot of Dust In Your Home? 

Refinishing wood floors used to be a messy process that created a lot of dust in a home. However, these days, there are many tools that can be used to minimize the amount of dust in a home. Some companies even offer dustless wood floor refinishing. Always ask a company what they do to reduce the amount of dust that the wood floor refinishing process creates in your home.

Wood floor refinishing can take wood floors that look worn, faded, scratched, or dirty, and rejuvenate them. They look nearly as good as new. If you have tried to clean your floors and notice that they remain cloudy and dirty no matter how much you clean them, or you notice that your floors have wear patterns in them, it is likely time to refinish your floors.

Reach out to a local wood floor service, such as Classic Wood Floors & Carpentry LLC, to learn more.