Worried About Your Old Hardwood Flooring? Why Choose Resurfacing

Posted on: 27 February 2023

If your hardwood floors have seen better days, it's time to restore them. You have two choices. You can refinish your hardwood floors. Or, you can resurface your hardwood floors. If your floors only lack their original luster, refinishing will restore their natural beauty. But, if your hardwood floors have sustained some damage over the years, it's time to have them resurfaced. If you're not sure how resurfacing will benefit your floors, read the list provided below. Here's how resurfacing will restore your hardwood floors. 

Removes Old Varnish  

If you want to restore your hardwood floors, the first thing you need to do is remove the old varnish. During the resurfacing project, the old varnish gets stripped away from the wood. This strips the boards down to the bare wood. 

Repairs Damaged Boards

If you have damaged hardwood boards, resurfacing is your best option for restoring your floors. When your hardwood floors get resurfaced, the boards are sanded down. Cracks and blemishes also get repaired during the stage of the resurfacing process. Boards that are too damaged can get replaced. Because all the boards are resurfaced, new boards will share the same natural grains. This ensures that your floorboards all match. 

Restores Uneven Surfaces

If areas of your hardwood floors are uneven, it's time for resurfacing. Uneven edges can increase the risk of trip and fall accidents. One of the benefits of resurfacing is that those uneven areas can get restored. Resurfacing grinds down the uneven areas, which gives your hardwood flooring a more even appearance. 

Replaces Broken Flooring Nails

If you have an old hardwood floor, chances are good that the flooring nails are outdated. If that's the case, you need to replace the nails. That's where resurfacing becomes beneficial. When you have your hardwood floors resurfaced, the flooring contractors will use new nails to secure the floorboards. That means your hardwood floors will be safe and secure.  

Restore the Color and Shine

If you're ready to restore your hardwood flooring, talk to a flooring contractor about resurfacing. One of the benefits of hardwood resurfacing is that contractors will apply a fresh coat of stain and sealant. This process will restore the color and shine you expect from your hardwood floors. That means your old hardwood flooring will look brand-new again. 

Extend the life of your hardwood flooring. Use resurfacing to restore the beauty of your old hardwood floors. For information about hardwood floor resurfacing, talk to a contractor near you.