Signs Your Concrete Floor Can Benefit From Refinishing

Posted on: 20 September 2022

Most people know that hardwood floors can be refinished. But did you know that concrete floors can be refinished as well? Concrete floor refinishing involves grinding down the top layer of concrete to expose a new layer that has not yet been exposed to elements, such as foot traffic and spills. Cracks can be filled in with a compound, and then a concrete finishing product, such as epoxy, concrete acid, concrete stain, or polyurethane, can be used to finish the floor. Here are a few of the most common signs that your concrete floor could benefit from concrete floor refinishing.  

Your Concrete Floor Is Cracking

One of the signs that your concrete floor can benefit from refinishing is that your concrete floor is starting to crack. Concrete commonly cracks due to expansion and contraction. When it is cold, concrete contracts, and when it is hot, concrete expands. This constant contraction and expansion can cause cracks to form. Cracks need to be filled in to prevent further damage to the concrete surface. Refinishing your floor allows the cracks to be filled in and then the entire floor to be coated in a finishing product so the crack filler is not obvious. 

Your Concrete Floor Is Stained or Discolored

Another common sign that your concrete floor can benefit from floor refinishing is that your concrete floor is stained or discolored. Concrete floors can become stained or discolored for a number of reasons. First, if spills are not properly cleaned, your floor can stain. Second, the sun can cause your floor to fade unevenly. Lastly, some floors can start to yellow or brown naturally as they age or due to foot traffic. Floor refinishing removes the stained layer of concrete so that your floor looks as good as new. 

The Top Layer of Your Concrete Floor Is Flaking or Peeling

The final sign that you can benefit from concrete floor refinishing is that the top layer of your concrete floor is flaking or peeling. This is known as spalling. If your concrete floor is spalling, refinishing can remove the damaged layer of concrete, revealing a new layer that is not damaged. Once again, this can make an old concrete floor look nearly as good as it looked when it was brand new. 

If you have a concrete floor and you notice that it is starting to crack, become discolored, or is starting to flake or peel, your floor could benefit from concrete floor refinishing. Reach out to a concrete flooring professional to learn more about the process of refinishing your concrete floor and to find out if your concrete is thick enough to be refinished. 

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