Why You Should Use Waterproof Flooring Adhesive

Posted on: 17 June 2021

When you have flooring installed, it may require the use of an adhesive. This is especially common with tile flooring, but may be necessary with other flooring types as well. In any case, if your flooring needs an adhesive to stay in place, make sure you choose the right one. All too often, people just go with the first adhesive they find or let their contractors choose any adhesive they prefer. However, whether you're installing flooring on your own or having someone else do it, picking a strong, quality adhesive is imperative. And, ideally, you should also choose a waterproof adhesive, which should offer a host of advantages.

Reduced Risk Of Failure

Not so long ago, solvent adhesives were the norm in the flooring world. Nowadays, however, water-based adhesives are more common. However, they are also more likely to develop problems that can affect flooring. This can include issues like reduced effectiveness of the adhesive, degradation of the adhesive, and eventually, peeling flooring or flooring that becomes unstuck.

For this reason, if a water-based adhesive is used, make sure it is specifically designed to be waterproof. This will greatly reduce the risk of serious flooring problems as time goes on. Thus, you're likely to get more use out of your flooring and more value for your money.

Increased Safety

Flooring that becomes loose or wobbly due to adhesive issues can pose a real safety risk. This is especially true in areas that already tend to be wet and slippery, like the bathroom. The last thing you need in this or any room is to go sliding on a tile that has come undone or to trip over flooring that is rising up. Waterproof adhesive keeps your flooring exactly where it belongs and offers protection for you and your loved ones.

Faster Installation

Finally, in many cases, when waterproof adhesive is used, a flooring job can be completed more quickly, without sacrificing quality in the process. Often, to combat adhesive issues, additional steps, such as installing a moisture barrier, are required or recommended. Unfortunately, these steps also require additional time and labor. Use a waterproof adhesive from the start, however, and you can skip the extra steps without consequence.

Ultimately, waterproof floor adhesives are a good idea in almost every situation. They can be particularly beneficial in areas prone to moisture. But, ultimately, there really is no wrong place to use a strong, reliable waterproof adhesive.

Contact a local flooring contractor to learn more about waterproof flooring adhesive.