Why Waterproof Vinyl Flooring Is Best For A Home With Kids And Pets

Posted on: 7 June 2021

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed cleaning in an active household with pets and kids? You cannot deny the joy of having playful kids and pets. But you pay for it with lots of cleaning work. The floor takes much of the spills, stains and messes in the house, and you will need to do a lot of floor cleaning in such a home. Waterproof vinyl flooring works best in a home with kids and pets for several reasons:

Simple To Clean 

The waterproofing on the floor resists moisture, which means it does not take in colored stains like ink or spilled juice. It also does not absorb smells, so your pet making a mess shouldn't worry you.

Waterproof vinyl flooring is the easiest to clean among flooring materials. You only need a mop and soapy water to clean off any dirt. The smooth surface enables easier scooping and scraping of any mess, be it dropped food or pet waste.

The waterproofing layer gives this floor a permanent shine. You can wash it frequently without taking away the luster of the surface. You can also use strong detergents without stripping off the color.

Moisture Resistance 

Moisture resistance plays a big part in the longevity of this flooring. With active and curious kids, you can expect water games with numerous spills. Kids are sometimes forgetful and will leave faucets running. In a house with children it is not uncommon to find the whole house inundated with water. W hen these incidents happen you will be thankful you have waterproofing.

Moisture resistance discourages humidity build up in the house. It denies mold and other pathogens a space to grow. It is a big advantage because mold and other allergens cause respiratory allergies in children. It also avoids the mildew smells that come from sodden porous floorings like carpeting or wood. 


Waterproof vinyl flooring works well in high traffic areas because the vinyl can absorb lots of shock and stress. It does not dent or scratch easily. You will see this flooring in commercial properties, which means it can go for decades in an ordinary home. Your kids and pets can stomp all they want on it, and it will stay looking good as new. It only needs a good cleaning.

Waterproof vinyl flooring keeps its form very well. It doesn't warp, crack or swell from moisture and sun exposure. It holds your home's value well and will attract buyers with young families for its ease of maintenance.

Would you like flooring that can keep up with your pets and kids? Talk to flooring experts about waterproof vinyl flooring.