Tips For Applying An Epoxy Coating To A Garage

Posted on: 20 May 2021

Do you have a concrete floor in your garage that doesn't look so good? If so, you have some options to improve its appearance. The best way to restore your floor is to apply an epoxy coating, which will transform the concrete and make it look amazing.

Preparing The Floor

You will need to prepare the floor before you get started with applying an epoxy coating. This involves removing any existing layers of epoxy with a grinder. This step should help smooth out imperfections with the surface as well. The next step is to prime the concrete floor, which will penetrate the floor and leave it in good condition for the epoxy coating. 

When finished with priming, inspect the floor to look for cracks and visible problems with the surface. This can be done by applying an epoxy grout to the surface and letting it dry. 

Applying The First Coat And More Preparation

The first coat of epoxy can then go on the surface of the concrete, but chances are that the floor won't look perfect at this point. You'll likely notice parts of the floor that are uneven where the floor needs to be ground down some more. Be prepared to put down more epoxy grout and smooth out the surface even more. The goal is to eliminate all of the small problems before you apply the final coat of epoxy to the floor.

Applying The Second Coat

The second coat is a bit different since you will mix it with an epoxy hardener due to it being the top coat that is applied to the concrete. Using an electric mixer is important to mix the two products together so that they are blended together well. Make sure that the surface of the floor is as clean as possible, which involves working to remove any visible dust.

The key to applying the second coat of epoxy is by using an even pressure with the roller as you move it over the surface. Too much pressure is going to cause the lines from the roller to show, something that is difficult to get rid of when the epoxy starts to harden. Just focus on applying an even coat with the right amount of pressure to create a smooth-looking surface without flaws.

Does this task seem too difficult to do on your own? Reach out to a concrete coating specialist in your area that can handle it for you. They can provide further information regarding the concrete coating process.