3 Vital Pieces Of Equipment Needed To Install An Epoxy Floor

Posted on: 3 February 2023

Epoxy flooring is becoming more popular in residential settings. An epoxy floor can be installed in your garage, basement, or other living space.

One of the reasons homeowners like epoxy flooring is because cured epoxy is incredibly durable. This type of flooring can stand up to children and pets without sustaining any serious damage.

If you are thinking of installing an epoxy floor in your home, you will need access to specialized equipment that will help you get the job done right. 

1. Squeegees and Trowels

The first piece of equipment you will want to invest in is a squeegee. Both squeegees and trowels are used to spread liquid epoxy across the floor base. It's important that the epoxy mixture is spread evenly.

Without an even spread, you will end up with flooring that isn't completely level. An uneven spreading of the epoxy mixture can also interfere with proper cure rates.

Squeegees and trowels help to move the liquid epoxy into place and give you the ability to smooth the surface of the epoxy before it cures.

2. Rollers

Specialized rollers can also be used to spread liquid epoxy across a floor base.

Smooth rollers are ideal for creating a thin film of epoxy. This type of film is often applied as a protective covering over the top of a concrete surface.

Spiked rollers are used when a thicker layer of epoxy is called for. The spikes on these specialized rollers are able to collect more material, which allows you to build up the epoxy layer over time.

3. Electric Mixer

Most epoxy flooring is made by combining a specialized liquid polymer with a binding material. These two materials need to be mixed thoroughly to ensure that the proper chemical reaction occurs. Poorly mixed epoxy could become brittle and damaged over time.

The easiest way to achieve a proper mix ratio is by using an electric mixer. These mixers come with several different speed settings that allow you to mix materials without any physical effort.

Since some epoxy floor materials must be mixed for several minutes, having an electric mixer available can really make the installation process more convenient.

Having the right equipment available will make your epoxy floor installation go a lot smoother.

An electric mixer, rollers, squeegees, and trowels are necessary, but these aren't the only pieces of equipment available to you. It can also be beneficial to invest in a quality push broom, a protective mask, and an industrial grinder.

Speak to an epoxy flooring equipment service to find out more.