2 Benefits Of Applying An Epoxy Coating To Your Garage's Concrete Floor

Posted on: 8 November 2022

If you recently had a new concrete floor installed in your garage, you may have started to give some thought as to what you should do to make sure that the floor's surface is protected. Once you have given the concrete enough time to ensure that it is fully cured, you may be looking at various options available to you for having the surface sealed.

While standard concrete sealant is an acceptable option, you should consider having it coated with epoxy instead. There are a couple of benefits of having an epoxy coating applied to your garage's concrete floor.

1. Protects the Concrete from Moisture, Petroleum Products, and Road Salt

One benefit of having your garage floor coated with epoxy is that it protects the concrete material from corrosive elements. Without the coating, water, road salt, and petroleum products such as gasoline and oil will break down the material and weaken the surface. Eventually, the concrete surface will start to crack and crumble, with pieces eventually breaking off.

However, a thick layer of epoxy on the surface shields the concrete from these materials because it is highly resistant to their corrosive effects. And, since they do not penetrate into the epoxy, you can easily clean them off of the floor's surface.

2. Keeps the Concrete Floor from Being Damaged by Impact from Dropped Heavy Items

Another advantage of having an epoxy coating is that it helps keep the floor from being damaged when heavy items are dropped on it. Without the epoxy, if you drop a hammer or car part and it strikes the surface, the impact can chip or crack the concrete. This leaves it vulnerable to future damage and degradation. 

However, when the floor is covered with epoxy, the coating will absorb the shock of the impact, keeping the concrete underneath safe from damage. And, unless you drop something extremely heavy on it, the epoxy will withstand the impact enough to not show signs of any damage.

If your garage's concrete floor is bare and unprotected, consider having a professional apply an epoxy coating on it. The coating will protect it from corrosive damage caused by water, salt, oil, and gasoline as well as impact damage that can cause chipping or cracking. To learn more about its benefits as well as the application process, contact a flooring company that offers garage epoxy coating services in your area to speak with a representative.

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