Hardwood Flooring Assumptions That You May Be Making

Posted on: 17 August 2022

Hardwood flooring is a popular flooring material due to its durability and aesthetics. As with other types of flooring options, there can be many assumptions about this particular type that you will want to be aware of before making a decision.

Assumption: Scratches Will Always Permanently Ruin The Appearance Of Hardwood Flooring

Scratching and scuffing can be unavoidable issues with any type of flooring. However, there is an assumption from some homeowners that this issue with their hardwood flooring will result in the floors being permanently ruined. In reality, these floors are made to be resistant to scratching, but if this does occur, there are hardwood flooring contractors that can resurface and refinish the floors in your home. This will effectively restore the appearance of the hardwood by removing the portion of the wood that may have been scratched.

Assumption: Hardwood Flooring Is Always Extremely Loud

Noise is always a concern when you are deciding on the floors for your home. The large surface area of the floors can lead to them absorbing and transmitting noise to other areas of the house. Hardwood flooring can be designed to support insulation and noise-reducing backings. These materials can substantially reduce the ability of noise to transmit throughout the house. This can be especially important for households with children or pets as their activities can easily create noise and floor vibrations that could spread through the home without these features.

Assumption: Hardwood Flooring Is Too Difficult To Maintain

While hardwood flooring options will require some level of care and maintenance on the part of the homeowner, they are remarkably easy to keep in good condition. The most intensive maintenance that a homeowner will need to do on a regular basis will be to apply wood oil to the flooring. This is a coating that will replenish the moisture in the wood so that it will maintain its attractive appearance while also minimizing the tendency of the wood to become brittle as it ages. In addition to applying wood oil, you will also want to use a dust mop on these surfaces. The dust mop can remove the dirt, hair, and other minor debris that may have started to gather on the hardwood. These simple care steps will allow you to greatly extend the life of your hardwood flooring while also keeping it looking its absolute best for as long as possible. While this can require some labor, the work will be comparable to what you will need to do for other commonly used flooring options.

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