Flooring Selection Tips For A Small Bathroom Renovation

Posted on: 20 January 2022

If you are renovating a small bathroom, then the flooring you choose is very important. Making the wrong choice will result in a bathroom that quickly looks dated or appears even smaller than it actually is. To ensure you select the right flooring for your small bathroom renovation, here are some tips from flooring professionals.

Tip: Always Avoid Dark Colors and Busy Patterns

Whether you choose tile, sheet vinyl, or waterproof laminate for your small bathroom, it must be a light color. It also should not have a busy pattern. Darker colors and busy patterns make small rooms look smaller.

Ideally, you should opt for light-colored flooring with either a very subtle or no pattern. Without a pattern, your eyes will flow over the flooring like it is one surface and this makes the bathroom feel bigger.

Tip: Match Tile and Grout Colors

If you decide to use ceramic or porcelain tile or natural stone for your bathroom floor, then matching the color of the tiles and the grout lines will make the floor appear larger. For example, if you select a cream-colored tile, then also use a cream-colored grout. If you choose a dark slate stone, then use a dark slate-colored grout mix.

By matching the tile and grout colors, the floor will look more cohesive and larger. Alternatively, if you don't match them, then your eyes see a grid of grout lines. Seeing the grid makes the entire room appear smaller.

You can also create the illusion of more space in a smaller bathroom by using the same tile on the bathtub surround or shower stall as the floor. If you carry the same tile throughout the bathroom on all tiled surfaces, then your eye will travel across the floor and up the wall blending them together. This blending illusion makes the space feel larger. 

Tip: Avoid Very Large or Very Small Tiles

When choosing luxury vinyl squares or tiles for a small bathroom's floor, avoid making selections that are either very small or very large. Very small tiles require a lot of grout and tend to emphasize the smallness of the space.

On the flip side, excessively large tiles create a situation where your eyes are distracted by the low number of tiles required to tile the floor. This makes your brain think the room is smaller than it is. Ultimately, the best choice is to use tiles or vinyl squares that are medium size.

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