Myths About Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Posted on: 21 October 2021

The carpeting of your business is important to its interior appearance. If the carpet looks dirty or old, then this can make the whole interior seem neglected, no matter how well-maintained everything else is. Also, carpet that's not properly cared for will develop an odor that can be off-putting. However, some myths about commercial carpet cleaning can leave you wondering if having the carpet cleaned by a commercial carpet cleaning company is the best option. Here are some myths debunked, so you will learn the importance of having them cleaned professionally: 

Myth: Having the carpets commercially cleaned can attract dirt easier in the future

There is a myth that having the carpet cleaned can make it attract dirt easier. This myth has some truth behind it in some situations. If you were to clean the carpet using the wrong solution, then it could leave a sticky residue on the carpet that would cause more dirt to attach to the fibers. However, a commercial carpet cleaning company will use the right type of solution that will get the carpet clean and not leave that residue, making this a myth when it comes to commercial carpet cleaners. 

Myth: Having the carpets commercially cleaned can cause mold

Another myth about commercial carpet cleaning that could be true in other instances is that cleaning the carpets can cause mold. A risk of cleaning the carpet yourself is that you can end up leaving the carpet damp enough that it takes too long to dry. In the time it takes to dry, mold could develop. However, commercial carpet cleaners will make sure the carpet is properly dried, so it won't be damp long enough for mold to take root. 

Myth: You can rent a carpet cleaner and do the same job commercial carpet cleaners do

You may come across the myth that a carpet cleaning rental you can use on your business's carpet can do the same job a commercial carpet cleaning company can do. However, this is far from the truth. The rental equipment is not nearly as strong as the commercial equipment. Also, the carpet cleaners will look at the carpet and determine the best way to approach cleaning it in the best way possible. They will use the right solutions for everything from odor removal to stubborn stain removal. They will also be able to give you helpful advice on how to get the most out of the carpet from that point forward.