Four Types Of Carpet Services You Can Get From A Carpet Store

Posted on: 7 July 2021

As far as carpet services are concerned, most people are only aware of carpet cleaning services. However, carpet stores provide various carpets services that most people have yet to learn about. 

You see, when most people buy a carpet, their only concern is keeping the carpet clean. However, there are additional carpet services that a carpet store can provide before and after you buy a carpet.

With that in mind, here are four carpet services that a carpet store can provide.

Consultation on Carpets

One of the most underrated carpet services provided by a carpet store is advising consumers on the best type of carpet to buy. Buying a carpet involves more than just deciding the material, size, and color of the carpet that is appealing to you.

Before selecting a particular carpet, it is also essential to consider the maintenance costs and the durability of the carpet fabric depending on where it will get installed. For instance, if you are shopping for a carpet for your business premises, it is essential to consider the amount of traffic that the carpet will endure daily. Thus, you need a carpet made of tough fabric that will withstand the constant movement of people and equipment on it.

As a buyer, it can be challenging to determine the appropriate type of carpet for such a scenario, and thus, you need to consult a carpet store on the matter. Carpet stores stock a variety of carpets. Thus, they are in a position to recommend a durable carpet with minimum maintenance costs and a carpet that will fit within your budget.

Free Carpet Installation

When you buy a carpet from a carpet store, you also have to consider the carpet installation. If you intend to cover your floor space with carpet completely, it is essential to permanently or semi-permanently install it.

Most carpet stores are willing to provide you with free or subsidized carpet installation services when you buy a carpet from them. Thus, you don't have to incur additional costs in hiring an independent carpet installation contractor. Additionally, free carpet installation by a carpet store can help you save money.

Carpet Sourcing

As mentioned earlier, finding an ideal carpet can be a challenge, especially when looking for unique or rare carpets such as Persian carpets or vintage carpets. These types of carpets are tough to come by, and thus, the chances of finding one in a carpet store's inventory are limited.

However, most carpet stores are willing to source such carpets for their clientele as part of their carpet services. Carpet stores can utilize their contacts in manufacturing and international carpet suppliers to help you find a rare or unique kind of carpet a lot faster. Hence, if you have your heart set on acquiring a special kind of carpet, but you have not had any luck finding one, a carpet store is willing to look for it on your behalf.

Carpet Repairs

Occasionally, carpets are prone to getting damaging due to many factors such as pets, furniture, or equipment destroying the carpet fibers. In such a situation, you have two options you can either replace the carpet with a new one or have a carpet store conduct repairs.

Suppose you have a vintage rug/carpet that is damaged, but you don't want to get rid of it. In such a scenario, it is advisable to use carpet repair services provided by a carpet store. Carpet stores have access to all types of carpet fabric, and thus, they are in a position to replace the damaged sections of your carpet with identical fibers. Thus, when the repair is complete, the carpet will have a uniform look, and no one can tell if it has undergone repairs.

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