Are You Selecting the Floor Treatments for Your New House?

Posted on: 28 April 2020

Are you having your dream house built? If so, you must be very busy with the decorating selections for each of the rooms. Maybe you are now at a point where you are deciding what you want for the floor treatments. If that's true, read on for some ideas that might help you.

Think of dividing the floor choices into three categories: wood, tile, and carpet. 

The Wood Floors - Is there anything more gorgeous than hardwood floors? Besides being really beautiful, wood will last a long time, and it will be very easy to maintain.

  • Think of having hardwood floors in all of the rooms that you might call the living area. 
  • Those rooms would be the living room, the dining room, the family room, and maybe a library. 
  • For a truly elegant look, say for your living room and dining room, choose something like mahogany or Brazilian teak wood flooring.
  • For the more casual rooms like the family room or the library, think of selecting hickory or oak for the wood floors.

The Tile Floors - Tile floors are one way you can show real personality in the kitchen, the bathrooms, and your outdoor patio.

  • Think of choosing something like pale yellow or off-white for the kitchen tile floors. By doing that, you'll be selecting a color that will go with any decor changes over the years.
  • Tile for the master bathroom will be one way to add a formal look. For a dramatic feeling, choose bright-colored tile. For a serene look, go with colors like soft blues or soft mocha.
  • The children's bathroom floors might be the most fun to select. Go with their favorite things. For example, if you have a little girl who loves everything princess, choose tiling that has a princess theme. 
  • Mexican Saltillo tile would be wonderful for your outdoor patio. Besides being super attractive, this kind of tile will go with whatever kind of patio furniture you end up selecting.

The Carpet Floors - Focus on the bedrooms and on the entertainment for carpet flooring.

  • Carpet would be perfect for the bedroom floors. Think about the fact that your floors are the first thing your feet and your children's feet hit every morning and the last thing they feel every night before crawling into bed. Carpets are soft and comfortable. 
  • If you want the carpet to be the same color for each room, think of selecting a neutral color. Otherwise, go with your kid's favorite colors for their bedrooms and, of course, a color you love for your master bedroom.
  • Carpet for the entertainment room makes sense, too. Besides the fact that it will be attractive and comfortable, it will help the acoustics in the room.
  • Choose carpeting that will be easy to maintain and that will last for many years.

After you select the kind of flooring you want in every room, it will more than likely be easier to select the wall treatment. Keep careful notes of the colors you are selecting so that you can match them to paint samples and to wallpapers.

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